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October 12, 2020
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Montaj partners with Mogul Behaviour Marketing Firm

Montaj has become the exclusive video production partner for Mogul Behaviour clients.

October 12, 2020 – Chicago, IL – The Montaj B2B video production marketplace has partnered with Mogul Behaviour marketing firm to give our providers the opportunity to produce video content for their clients.

Mogul Behaviour offers their clients several services including web development, marketing, social media management, photography, and brand development. Their clients include law firms, financial advisors, authors, SAAS companies, retail businesses, influencers, and entrepreneurs in all industries. Due to their substantial growth, they needed a resource for video production that offered strong production quality at a competitive rate to serve their clients throughout the United States. 

Mogul Behaviour Marketing Firm
Mogul Behaviour Marketing Firm

Mogul Behaviour account executives will post requests for proposals including all video production requirements, and Montaj video production companies will respond with proposals to complete the project. The account executive will choose providers they want to work with to produce the content for their clients.

Mogul Behaviour has chosen to partner with The Montaj as a video production resource to  assist their clients with all of their video production needs because they value the ease of managing the production process offered by, and its community of talented video production companies.

There are currently several accomplished production company providers on While many of them are located primarily in California, Georgia, and Illinois, they have the resources to accommodate businesses across the United States.

The Montaj was founded by independent filmmaker, Jasmine Allen. As a film school alum of San Diego State University and an entrepreneur, Jasmine is intimately familiar with the production process. Her passion for quality content led her to building The Montaj. She created The Montaj to encourage the use of an appropriate sized crew, adequate budget, and effective communication throughout the production process in the hopes of empowering other artists and entrepreneurs.