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September 14, 2020
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Press Release

Get Your Video Produced with The Montaj Today!

September 1, 2020 – Chicago, IL – is a new business-to-business video production marketplace helping businesses manage the video production services they need to effectively compete.

The Montaj allows users to post requests for proposals including their video production requirements for free. Video production companies respond with proposals to complete the project. When users find providers they want to work with, The Montaj assists these businesses with managing the production process.

There are currently several accomplished production company providers on While many of them are located primarily in California, Georgia, and Illinois, they have the resources to accommodate businesses across the United States.

The Montaj was founded by independent filmmaker, Jasmine Allen. As a film school alum of San Diego State University and an entrepreneur, Jasmine is intimately familiar with the production process. Her passion for quality content led her to building The Montaj. She created The Montaj to encourage the use of an appropriate sized crew, adequate budget, and effective communication throughout the production process in the hopes of empowering other artists and entrepreneurs.

“What is so special about film is that it is a collaborative art. No other art is as collaborative, where you are just absolutely depending on a community to make things come together. One of the reasons The Montaj is a business-to-business company, and I’m not targeting videographers and individual freelancers is because I think that it is important that people respect that it is a collective art. If I’m on set by myself, you’re not going to get the same quality that you would if there is a passionate and focused crew working on your project. We want to let people do what they love for a clientele that respects that.” 

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